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How Is COVID-19 affecting your services?

DRF DESIGN is maintaining a high degree of social distancing

  • DRF DESIGN is accepting phone calls to discuss new projects. We will provide a free video consultation upon request and are continuing to offer in person meetings with use of a mask and maintaining 6' separation.
  • Free video consultation upon request
  • Traditional in person meetings by appointment only, following CDC social distancing standards.
Why Should I Pay More For One Architect Versus Another?

FACT - Architect fees vary due to the types of services delivered

Lowest Costs are simple drawings and services to obtain a building permit

Higher Costs include more robust, optional services such as:

  1. Customized plans including design changes
  2. Increased guidance with selections & options
  3. Drawing revisions, details and specifications *
  4. Creating 3D renderings and other visualizations
  5. Designing a site plan & landscaping designs
  6. Comprehensive specifications, cost estimating, bidding or construction phase services

*See the Services menu for detailed descriptions of these Optional Services

BOTTOM LINE - If one Architect’s drawings are more accurate, the fee difference could easily save money in costly construction phase change orders or delays.


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Rely on our architectural experience and dedication to save you time and money during the construction phase

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