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Comparing Advanced Insulation

If you are building a new home or a significant addition, you will likely find yourself considering various options to insulate the exterior walls and attic. Each option has a stated “R Value” which measures the resistance to heat loss. The higher the R Value the better, however, you should be comparing the whole wall R Value, which incorporates all of the other materials composing your exterior wall, for instance, the wood framing and sheathing. Following are approximate values for the most common exterior wall systems: more »

Universal Design For Your Home

Universally designed homes are not just for aging adults or those with disabilities, but for all potential users of the house. Many able bodied adults are starting to incorporate features of universal design in their new house plans, addition, or renovation to an existing structure.

If you plan on remodeling or expanding an existing house, or building a new home, consider the following design options. more »