Celebrating 16 Years of Design Excellence

2005 – 2020

We have designed new custom homes and residential additions in Buffalo, NY and nearly every town and village in Erie and Niagara counties. We will tailor our design services to your needs

Initial Consultation

We will ask the right questions and give you the appropriate feedback to move your project forward. We encourage you to bring interior and exterior pictures you admire. We request that you provide us with a copy of the survey of your property. Be prepared to discuss your construction budget and time schedule. This initial consultation will allow us to define the scope of the project and determine the design fee.

Schematic Design Phase

The Schematic Design Phase is a creative and interactive process. We will explore multiple design solutions that address the needs you expressed in the Consultation Phase. Our design solutions begin with floor plans, followed by exterior drawings. You are encouraged to carefully review the drawings. We will discuss potential changes with you. Several revisions may take place until you are comfortable and satisfied with the design.  *3D renderings are an optional service offered during this phase.

Construction Documentation Phase

This phase begins by refining the approved schematic design with more detailed information. For instance, structural information is added to the drawings, including foundation and roof details; floor joist and beam sizes. Interior elevations are drawn for kitchens and bathrooms. The exterior envelope is detailed including the thermal insulation selected. The final construction documents are often referred to as “Blueprints” “Construction Drawings” or “Permit Drawings” and include the architectural, thermal and structural design documents required in order to receive a building permit.

Additional Services:

  1. Site/Landscape Design
  2. Cost Estimating
  3. Comprehensive Selections/Specifications
  4. Bidding
  5. Construction Phase

*Refers to guidance the Architect will provide to the client to select all interior and exterior materials, accompanied by details and specifications on the Construction Documents.

Distinct Styles & Types of Homes We Design

  • old house renovation
  • signature kitchen
  • group home
  • cabin home
  • log home
  • vacation house
  • townhouse
  • arts and crafts
  • craftsman
  • neoclassical
  • log home
  • apartments
  • green home
  • energy efficient home
  • open plan home
  • hillside home
  • rustic home
  • cottage home
  • attached garage
  • detached garage
  • narrow lot home
  • luxury homes
  • small homes
  • modern house


“After months of looking at home plans online and in books, we knew what we wanted, but there were no plans out there that included all our wants and needs in the design style we wanted. When I first talked to David, I knew he was the right architect to design our home. He listened to us and put our ideas on paper. He was great to work with… We now have the home of our dreams.”

Monica Tomasello
Buffalo Home Owner

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How Is COVID-19 affecting your services?

DRF DESIGN is maintaining a high degree of social distancing

  • DRF DESIGN is accepting phone calls to discuss new projects. We will provide a free video consultation upon request and are continuing to offer in person meetings with use of a mask and maintaining 6' separation.
  • Free video consultation upon request
  • Traditional in person meetings by appointment only, following CDC social distancing standards.
Why Should I Pay More For One Architect Versus Another?

FACT - Architect fees vary due to the types of services delivered

Lowest Costs are simple drawings and services to obtain a building permit

Higher Costs include more robust, optional services such as:

  1. Customized plans including design changes
  2. Increased guidance with selections & options
  3. Drawing revisions, details and specifications *
  4. Creating 3D renderings and other visualizations
  5. Designing a site plan & landscaping designs
  6. Comprehensive specifications, cost estimating, bidding or construction phase services

*See the Services menu for detailed descriptions of these Optional Services

BOTTOM LINE - If one Architect’s drawings are more accurate, the fee difference could easily save money in costly construction phase change orders or delays.