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When building an addition, it is rather easy to penetrate and disrupt the thermal envelope of your original house. Freezing pipes and high heating bills can result.

If a vented attic approach is chosen, care must be taken to insulate and seal the original wall and roof from the cold air in the attic above a one-story addition.

If an unvented attic approach is chosen, spray foam insulation is applied to the underside of the roof sheathing in combination with an unvented soffit. This approach restricts cold air from entering the attic above the one-story addition. It also creates an extremely effective insulating and air barrier at the connection between the original roof and new roof.

Be aware that fiberglass blanket insulation allows air to flow through it, while high density spray foam insulation does not. View our Additions in the Buffalo, NY area.

Review these details with your architect and builder when building an addition to your house.